Crafts made by young ex-prisoners

There are barely better options for a successfully integration of marginalized groups into the society than through employment.

Ex-convicts can especially benefit from this approach. They are confronted with perceptions as people that cannot be trusted. This is a big constrain to finding employment. Furthermore they have to cope usually with low demand of unqualified workers and high number of competitors in applying for jobs. That is valid for Georgia. With 516 inmates per 100,000 residents, has the highest number of prisoners in Europe. Many of them are young and without any scholar degree. After her release from prison their employment prospects in a country with around 40% youth unemployment are very dim. Despite this, good conditions exist as well. In some prisons inmates learn manufacturing handicrafts. Georgian crafts whit its perfection and originality reached by centuries of tradition, enjoys increasingly international recognition.


Sozialuri Kapitali (SK) aims to set up an initiative that matches simultaneously both approaches and doing so strengths each other: Promotion of Georgian handicrafts in international markets and qualification of former prisoners in order to become professional craft artists.


The marketing strategy for Georgian handicraft includes issuing a catalog with creations of crafts masters and their workshops and launching an own on-line platform. However we rely on conventional distribution channels like retails stores and participation in trade and Christmas fairs. Periodically trainings on enamel and wood carving respectively with around five participants will be provided by state approved vocational schools. Crafts masters involved in the promotions strategy are committed to provide internships for the students. After that eventually to hire them in their workshops.



► Georgian Souvenirs | December 2017Details

“Skills-upgrading for crafts producers in prototyping contemporary souvenirs“ was a project implemented during November and December 2018 by the “Georgian Heritage Crafts Association”  with technical support from “Sozialuri Kapitali” and the “Center of Crime Prevention” at the Georgian Ministry of Justice. Craft makers, some of them ex-convicts, VET school teachers and designers created and developed in four different thematic workshops a range of souvenirs prototypes for their posterior serial production. A catalogue which compiles images and information of the crafts items has been issued. The activity was founded by the German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation (GIZ).

Download catalogue



► Christmas Markets in Cologne | December 2016Details

Kinikoni a german design label has promoted during Christmas 2016 crafts from Sozialuri-Kapitali (SKommerce) in Cologne. From 21 November to 4 December 2016 at the Christmas market Stadtgarten and on 17 and 18 December in the "Superweihnachtstmarkt", both in Cologne. Furthermore many of Kinikoni's own articles have been produced in the workshops of our co-operation partners in Georgia.



► Tbilisi 1st International Summit of Craft & Design | September 23 to 25, 2016Details

Sozialuri-Kapitali participated with an own stand at the first International Summit of Craft & Design, which has been held in Tbilisi on September 23-25, 2016. Organized by the Georgian Arts and Culture Center in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia, the Georgian National Tourism Administration, British Council, US Embassy in Georgia and Swiss Cooperation Office among others, the summit offered opportunity to the local and international makers to present market oriented national products to the experts, buyers and wide audience and to promote Georgian and South Caucasus crafts to the global markets.



► Projects Presentation | January 29, 2016Details

On January 29, 2016 Sozialuri Kapitali (SK) held a presentation on the project "crafts made by ex-prisoners" at the Tbilisi office of the Georgian Arts and Culture Center. Around fifty artisans working with different types of crafts attended the meeting.


At the speaker´s podium two board members, Pablo Fernández and Mikail Farulava introduced the organization and gave insight into its crafts project. Mikail Farulava reported about his experiences as enamel teacher at the juvenile prison in Avchala.


After them, a representative of the partner organization Center of Crime Prevention (CFCP) Ketevan Chitashvili summarized task and goals of CCP and their contribution to the project. Attendants have been asked to provide work placements for young ex-offenders in their workshops. Eighteen of them agreed and are committed to take in total thirty apprentices.